Marketing Lagniappe with a side of curly fries

Stan Phelps talks a lot about a little thing with a tricky name: Lagniappe. It’s a fantastic concept that explains how brands can benefit by giving consumers just a little bit extra (read about it here). As I was reading “My life,” a blog by my friend and colleague Anastasia Wylie, she made reference, via a Jason Mraz song, to one of my all-time favorite lagniappes.

Ever go to a fast food joint, order regular french fries, and get one curly fry in the bag? Man, I love that! It’s such an incredibly small thing, it’s an accident of location really (the regular fries are right next to the curly fries in the kitchen). But it makes you feel like you received something you weren’t supposed to, that others didn’t get, and that you wouldn’t necessarily have asked for (“hey, could you throw one curly fry in there please?”), but once you get it, you are over-joyed.  That’s a lagniappe.

I’m sure you have your own favorite experience like that. If so, swing over to Stan’s blog, 9 Inch Marketing, and share it with him. Stan is working on a cool project called Project Purple Goldfish and he’s going to make a charitable contribution for your Purple Goldfish examples.   Here’s his call to action:

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