More on Crowdsourcing

Yesterday I launched my eBook – Everyone is Illuminated – which featured my thoughts, along with a talented collection of marketing/advertising pros, on crowdsourcing. It was a couple of months in the making so I missed some really good crowdsourcing-related discussions that happened just recently.

Fortunately the smarties over at BBH Labs have an excellent post – Where Does the Agency End and the Crowd Begin? –  that captures a recent Social Media Week conversation that featured top names in the industry. As BBH Lab’s Ben Malbon writes:

John Winsor (Victors & Spoils Founder) lead a discussion that featured Ty Montague (Co-President & CCO, JWT North America), Saneel Radia (Alchemist / Chief Potion Master, Denuo), Michael Lebowitz (Founder & CEO, Big Spaceship) and the inimitable Faris Yakob (Chief Technology Dude, McCann NY). [Ed. note – Faris is no longer at McCann NY]

Some great takes on the event can be read at the following (again from Ben’s post):

For more coverage of the debate check out Jonny Makkar’s (@jsmakr) neat summary blog post here, Faris’s here, or John Winsor’s short but kinda sweet piece here. 

Finally, Ben’s piece also features a video of the event for a “you were there”-style experience.