Age of Conversation 3 Author Interview: Dennis Deery

Next up is Dennis Deery in out continuing look at Age of Conversation 3 authors.

Rick Liebling: Give us a brief overview of what you wrote about.

Dennis Deery: My essay gave a brief oversight of a typical day in my social-media life, at the end bringing the focus back to the human and social aspects of the media we use.

Rick Liebling: What drew you to the Age of Conversation project?

Dennis Deery: I’d read the previous two books and found them to be a fantastic example of large-scale collaboration bringing a lot of really talented people together to discuss the important issues surrounding the new world of online conversation. I jumped at the chance to offer my two cents in such great company.

Rick Liebling: What aspect of marketing / Social Media is being overblown right now? I think the whole social media thing is being largely overblown right now.

Dennis Deery: Folks have a lot of trouble understanding new things in technology, so there’s a tendency to try to simplify, and then everyone jumps on that simplified bandwagon. People need to remember that the social is all that matters. The media will change and evolve over the years, but the social connections have to remain central.

Rick Liebling: Where are the real opportunities in marketing / Social Media right now?

Dennis Deery: With the focus on conversations, the world is beginning to rediscover the importance of stories in how we build communities. This leaves the world wide open for small businesses and organizations to make an impact.

Human-scale organizations, almost by definition, have better stories to tell than do mega-corporations. Those who focus on storytelling and community will be the winners in the coming years.

Rick Liebling: Predictions are cliche, instead, tell me one thing you are going to make happen this year?

Dennis Deery: I’m doing far more speaking this year, to wider audiences than just tech audiences. People are more curious about tech developments than I’ve ever seen in my 20 years in business. This is a great chance to get out and evangelize the use of technology to help improve conversations and communities. We’re creating new communities online as never before, and with some intentional thought we can make these communities better than ever before.


Dennis Deery is the founder and principal consultant at Irish Rose Consulting, based in Menomonie, Wisconsin. He specializes in helping non-traditional technology users to put technology to work in their business or non-profit organization. He has a background in software development, web site development, technology planning and community development. His company web site is at, and his personal blog is at