The Intermedia Engagement Ecosystem

Recently I wrote about the idea of Intermedia – where content interaction happens between platforms through content producers and content consumers. I thought it might be helpful to create a chart to show what this might look like:


The upper half of the chart is the people element, with the traditional “talent” – on-air personalities, athletes, musicians, celebrities – and the fans at home who watch them. This is where the emotion lives. People are eager for the opportunity to engage with these people. The lower half is where we find the social platforms (Twitter,, TV Dinner) and the communication channels brands have at their disposal (TV channel, music venue, stadium, etc.). These serve as the venue where the content is created and engaged with, in person, online or on-air.

The right half is owned, or at least driven by the audience. They decide what they are interested in and how they are going to express that interest on social networks, both positive and negative.  On the left hand side is where the brands have the control, over how they distribute content and who provides the “face” of the brand.

Bring all this together, and in that sweet spot you have Intermedia.

Next week I hope to bring you a post on creating an Intermedia strategy, and also a look at the role of Intermedia planner.