Kickstarter Projects: For The Win! – Zombies, Pirates, Ninjas, Aliens and Monkeys


For The Win, FTW!

For the third week of the Y&R Kickstarter program I’ve chosen to back For The Win! – Zombies, Pirates, Ninjas, Aliens and Monkeys. I love this project for the name alone – it speaks to so much of our culture.  The term, “for the win!” has an interesting place in our culture by itself, with an apparently disputed etymology. Personally, I subscribe to the Hollywood Squares theory.

Of course, Zombies, Pirates, Ninjas and Aliens have also all cemented places in popular culture. About a year and a half ago I wrote about these archetypes, and how they continue to cycle back up in popular culture, independently. This game says, screw, let’s mash it all up together, which is very much in keeping with the cultural trend of recombinance that Faris lays out.

This also speaks to my notion of the Cultural Singularity Paradox. All these once discreet concepts converging and mashing up makes it difficult for us to know where future cultural trends will emerge from.

There’s still some time to support this game, and if you are a pop culture fan, I hope you will.

Here’s a preview of the game:

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