Kickstarter Project: This is not a Conspiracy Theory

After a week off (supporting Feltron instead), I’m back to Kickstarter, this time in support of the latest project from Kirby Ferguson, This is not a Conspiracy Theory. Hopefully you are familiar with Kirby’s earlier work, Everything is a Remix, which can only be described as essential if you want to understand creativity.  This time around Ferguson is turning his attention to politics. He describes the project thusly:

 “A series with massive scope, rooted in solid storytelling. I’ll use history, science, psychology and economics to tell the story, and I will make it relevant, accessible and seriously entertaining.”

Watch the full intro video here.

Kirby Ferguson

Ferguson’s work is an oasis of thoughtfulness in a sea of instant memes, “viral” videos and YouTube stars that get hyped before they do anything (I’m looking at you, Lana Del Rey). Ferguson does his homework to present deep insights and does so in a way that is expertly and professionally crafted. This is why his work stands out, he’s an excellent storyteller. We’ve seemingly got a shortage of this sort of thing right now.  Everyone is racing to create today’s “5 ways to jumpstart Pinterest for brands!” blog post, or crack the Klout algorithm. That’s ok, they’ll always be a place for that sort of thing, but Ferguson’s work deserves our attention, and support.