UPDATE: Where’s The Content?

A quick glance below will tell you I haven’t posted to my blog in some time. But that doesn’t mean I’m no longer producing content. I am, just in different versions and formats, and often in different places.

Quite simply, the game has changed and it doesn’t make as much sense for me to post here as it does for me to be published elsewhere.  A couple of examples:


Here’s a piece I wrote for The Next Web entitled, Overcoming the flawed paradigm of social media measurement which has garnered nearly 2000 social shares, a number I would never come close to reaching were I to post directly to this blog.

Another example is a piece I wrote for Campaign Asia – R.I.P. Big Data (2001 – 2014) – one of the more popular posts on the site when it was published.

You’ll often find my writings on the Unmetric blog. As Head of Global Marketing for Unmetric most of my time and energy is focused on what we are doing, so I tend to post my thoughts there as well.

And of course, you’ll find me sharing my thoughts and the good work of others across various social networks. If you haven’t already, you can connect with me there: