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“Rick sees trends that most would never notice. He is able to articulate ideas in a way that is creative, fun and incredibly insightful. Rick is one of the great minds at the cross section advertising, technology and culture.” 

Adam Broitman, Vice President & Senior Business Leader, Global Digital Marketing at MasterCard

Speaker. Panelist. Moderator. 

Looking for a new voice with fresh opinions? Need an moderator who can bring out the best in panelists? Want a passionate & enthusiastic contributor to your event?

Here are five reasons to give me a call when planning your next event:

1. Enthusiasm & Expertise – I truly love what I do and I love sharing that passion with others. I’ll do so without the marketing jargon & techno-babble, breaking down the latest trends with ideas and strategies that attendees will understand and can implement.

2. Distinct P.O.V. – My non-traditional role requires me to bring a unique perspective to my job and I carry that through when I’m at events. Challenging, thought-provoking, but never stuffy.

3. Budget-friendly – I’ve got a day job, so I’m not looking to make a killing on these types of things. Give me a call, I’m sure we can work something out.

4. More than just a speaker – In advance of your event, I’ll promote it across my various networks, blog about it and let people know that I’m going to be a participant. During the event I’ll be live-tweeting, blogging and engaging with other speakers and attendees. Afterwards I’ll be sharing my experience with others as well.

5. What you won’t get – Slides filled with bullet points, recycled  content, cynicism or an audience falling asleep.

Here’s my email, let’s talk about having me at your event.

Here are some events I have participated in:

I had the honor of being the Day One Chairperson for the TV and Multiscreen App Track at Apps World Europe in October of 2013. In addition to overseeing all activities for Day One, I gave a presentation on the state of the 2nd Screen industry and moderated two panels. Also as part of Apps World Europe, I was a judge and the adjoining TV Hackfest.

Also in October 2013, I was a featured speaker at the Annual Simulcast Conference in Lexington, KY for the Thoroughbred Racing Association. Continuing with the sports theme, I was also a featured speaker at the U.S. Olympic Committee’s SportsLink event in Colorado Springs, Co, speaking to host committees and governing bodies about how to leverage social media to connect with fans and drive business objectives.

In September of 2013, I was a participant in Turner’s first-ever internal media conference, TrendSpire. I spoke on a panel about social media best practices and transmedia storytelling.

I spoke at TVXperience World in New York in July 2013 on the key disruptors shaping content creation.

In April of 2013 I was asked to spend a week at The Miami Ad School as part of their “Industry Heroes” program. I presented to the students as well as worked with them on strategic and creative ideation.

To kick off 2013, I moderated the 2nd Screen and Advertising panel at the CES 2nd Screen Summit. I followed that up with an appearance on a panel at 2nd Screen Sunday at NAB in April.

I participated in a number of Advertising Week events in October of 2012. I moderated a panel on the Future of 2nd Screen Engagement; was a featured panelist for a discussion on Sponsoring an Innovation Culture (and acted as de facto moderator as well when the scheduled moderator had to back out at the last minute); was a judge for the Great Debate on Consumer Cord Cutting between VCU and Columbia; and talked about 2nd Screen on the Advertising Week Experience stage. You can read more, and watch several videos, about these events here.

In September of 2012 I moderated a panel called The Tipping Point for Mobile at dmexco in Cologne, Germany. You can watch the panel here.

In May of 2012 I spoke at the Millennial MegaMashup Conference in Miami on SocialTV and Transmedia Storytelling. Consumers are increasingly searching for opportunities to engage with each other and brands in more interactive ways. Brands need to be more open to experimentation that rewards people who want to participate in their entertainment.

I served as moderator for the New York edition of the AETHER tour in April of 2012. These sorts of multi-disciplinary, open conversations highlight the new approach to marketing that focuses on the consumer as much as the brand.

I spoke on the panel, “The Spot Heard Around the World” at the 2nd Screen Summit in February 2012. 2nd Screen is a massive opportunity for brands. As a Advisory Board Member to the Second Screen Society, I’m deeply involved with exploring this industry and championing the relationship between technology and advertising.

In February of 2012 I presented at the 4As IAAS course, highlighting the importance of deep cultural understanding in communications planning.

In November of 2011 I spoke on a panel at Social Media World Forum on gamification. If you’re interested in this subject, I’ve written several posts.

I participated in panels on sports and social media at SXSW 2011 and Blogs With Balls 4. I’ve written frequently about sports on this blog.

I hosted a panel on crowdsourcing at the 2010 CLIOS. You may also be interested in reading my e-book on crowdsourcing, Everyone is Illuminated.

Sound good? Drop me a note and let’s connect.

In addition to How Soon Is Now?, my writings can be found in a variety of other places:

PSFK ran my 2013 Oscar recap where I reviewed the cultural and marketing elements of the show.

I’ve written posts for Digiday on the future of agencies and industry topics.

FastCo.Create published my piece on the need for agencies to create “makeable ideas,” and I also wrote about the 2013 CES conference for them.

For Advertising Week 2012, I wrote two pieces for The Huffington Post: 99 Products and I’ll Pitch Each One and Attention Brand Marketers, Shiny Object Alert.

I’ve been a featured writer at SocialMediaToday and often contributed to the Junta42 community. I’ve also previously written for the Radian6 Blog (1234) and Technorati (1, 2, 3, 4).

I wrote several pieces for Content Decoded, and contributed to ClickDocuments’ 2010 Content Marketing Trends and Predictions eBook as well as Junta42’s Social Media & Content Marketing Predictions for 2010.

Here’s my contribution to the excellent 3six5 project.

I was a featured author in the book Age of Conversation 3.

I’ve written sports related pieces for UK Sports Network, iSport India, the SoccerEx Blog and of course, Arsenal America, of which I am the founder.

Mashable published a piece I wrote on Intermedia strategy.

For the 2012 Cannes Lions Creativity Festival I wrote a piece for Y&R’s thought-leadership book.

I’m also a regular contributor to the Advertising Week Social Club.

Also of Interest

The 4As ran a video feature on my journey to the world of advertising for their “Open Advertising” project.


I’d love to discuss speaking or guest writing opportunities with you, please contact me via email.