Super Bowl Ads Fail To Deliver On The Night.

Yes, as a matter of fact, I am a Steelers fan.

Yes, as a matter of fact, I am a Steelers fan.

The Super Bowl has now come and gone. There was certainly plenty of chatter about the commercials but did any cut through the clutter? Did any stick?

I thought a couple were clever: Hyundai, Castrol, Coke with the bugs in the park; the Wes Anderson-esque one for, I think might have had a good one too.

Can any of the Super Bowl advertisers keep momentum going with online activations? I think that’s going to be tough. The game itself was very exciting, so no one is saying, “Well, the game was a dud, but what about those commercials?”  Between the game, the economy, the million and one other things going on in this world and you wonder if anything that aired last night will resonate beyond its initial context.

Here’s a look at various Super Bowl Ad reviews/ratings:

Jeremiah Owyang

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Ad Rants

DJ Francis

A comment on comments

Marketing types, and I’ll generously include myself in this group, like to talk about ‘the conversation’ and ‘the dialogue’ between consumers and brands. I try to read a variety of marketing/branding/PR/Advertising blog and have noticed something: Many of the blogs have very few comments. Here’s a very unscientific survey – I looked at the front page of several blogs, looked at the number of posts and the total number of comments:

PSFK: Posts:36, Comments: 57 (Avg. # comments per post: 1.58)

Brand Autopsy: Posts: 30, Comments: 192 (Avg. # comments per post: 6.4)

Influential Marketing Blog: Posts 10, Comments: 36 (Avg. # comments per post: 3.6)

Murketing: Posts 15, Comments: 7 (Avg. # comments per post: .47)

Grant McCracken: Posts 14, Comments 65 (Avg. # comments per post: 4.64)

Eyecube: Posts 10, Comments 7 (Avg. # comments per post: .7)

Online Marketer Blog: Posts 5, Comments 24 (Avg. # comments per post: 4.8)

Again, this is a rather arbitrary analysis. I think all of the above are super smart people who all have a different approach and style.

Let’s take a look at the Top five blogs on the AdAge Power 150 to see what that looks like under the same litmus test:

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