2nd Screen is a prime opportunity for agencies in 2013

Yesterday I mentioned that I’ll be at the 2nd Screen Society’s first 2nd Screen Summit of 2013 while I’m here in Las Vegas. With tech companies such as Microsoft, Google and Nintendo, as well as all the major content players betting big on 2nd screen, this continues to be a huge potential area for agencies. How big? Big enough for Mashable to declare the 2nd screen revolution their #1 Big Tech Trend for 2013. It made Ad Week’s list of Digital Trends for 2013 as well, and Venture Beat put 2nd Screen among its Five Trends That Will Define Design in 2013. When media leaders in technology, advertising and tech finance all point to 2nd Screen as something to look for in 2013, it’s time to take action.

Ed Haslam is SVP of Marketing at YuMe, a multi-screen video brand advertising software and solution provider, and here’s what he sees:

“The fragmentation of consumer attention across screens, day parts, and content channels is driving brand advertisers to extend their TV campaigns to multi-screen digital video. The opportunity to enhance that creative with digital interactivity thereby extending brand engagement on 2nd screens is one of the major opportunities we see emerging in 2013.”

If you’re a brand marketer, the challenges Ed outlines are front and center. It’s not just a numbers game anymore – how many people, how often. You need to engage them, and you must do so in a compelling way.

Last year’s Super Bowl saw a handful of ads that featured a Shazam call to action, taking consumers on an extended journey of brand engagement through unique and exclusive content. I think you’ll see a significant increase this year, similar to the spike in Social TV conversation that occurred from 20111 to 2012 (a 600% increase!). But while Social TV is primarily a consumer-driven activity, 2nd Screen is brand-driven. In 2013 the brands that will hit home runs with 2nd Screen will be the ones that understand how to put the viewer/fan/consumer first, and provide real value to the 1st screen viewing experience. The other key to success is bringing all the parties involved to the table from the very beginning. Having the creative agency, tech vendor, media agency, brand and content partner all work together is the difference between a winning activation and just another quickly forgotten shiny new object in the marketing arsenal.

Media Industry thought-leader Chuck Parker, Chairman of the 2nd Screen Society, recently laid out 10 predictions for the industry in 2013 that touches on the breadth of consumer touchpoints that 2nd screen will effect, from m-commerce to gamification.

With mobile and tablet adoption skyrocketing, we have entered a fundamental shift in the way content is not just viewed, but engaged with. Consumers are increasingly leaning forward in search of additional content and experiences rather than passively sitting back and letting the viewing experience wash over them. This is especially true for programming such as live sports, reality shows and awards ceremonies. But 2nd screen engagement has a wide range of entry points and is not limited to television. Video-on-demand, DVD and even in-store and out-of-home all present opportunities for brands to create compelling content.

I’ll be at the 2nd Screen Summit all day on Monday (check the program here). If 2nd Screen is something you feel can help your client/brand let me know and we can discuss the best way to reach out to the right people and move this forward for you.

#2013CES – What I’ll Be Looking For

It’s Sunday night and I’ve arrived in Las Vegas, here for dual, yet related purposes. First, on Monday I’ll be moderating a panel at The 2nd Screen Summit @ CES, specifically looking at Advertising and 2nd Screen. As the Chair of the Advertising Subcommittee for the 2nd Screen Society I’m always eager to participate in these sorts of things and I’m excited to initiate the conversation. The whole program for the Summit is filled with outstanding topics and speakers so I recommend you follow the action on Twitter with @S32Day and myself, @RickLiebling as well as #S3CES.

On Tuesday, CES proper will kick off and it will no doubt be a madhouse. From Ultra HD TVs to the latest in automotive tech, this show has it all. It’s overwhelming in its breadth, the amount of attendees and in the sheer volume of awesome innovations. But faster, thinner, brighter and bigger (or smaller) won’t be the metrics than impress me.

I’m looking to see which companies are introducing products, not because they have the ability to do so, but because the products truly meet consumer needs. What brands and products are making things easier or better for people. Which ones are creating products that help people reach their full potential. Those are the products I think will have the greatest chance for success.