Social TV: The Networks Get In The Game

Spielbeg brings the dinos, you bring the tweets for FOX's Terra Nova.

It’s time to get up on your surfboard and ride the Social TV wave onto the beach. I’ve started writing about Social TV and it’s getting pretty clear that it’s going to be next year’s gamification (which was this year’s crowdsourcing). Mashable, as you might expect is all over this. Check out there Fall TV Goes Social piece which looks at how all the new Fall shows (the first installment looks at Monday night shows) are leveraging social media (some more extensively than others). My early winner: FOX’s Terra Nova, with a deeply immersive online game.

CBS is doubling down on Social TV this Fall as well. According to Mashable:

Starting Monday night, will be running an online introduction to CBS’s fall schedule, called the Fall Premiere Show. After watching a set of 15-minute online previews, fans of CBS series — such as Hawaii Five-0, NCIS and CSI— can join live online chats with the shows producers. Each night this week, fans can login using Facebook or Twitter, ask the producers questions and discuss the show in real-time.

Next week, CBS will bring back its Tweet Week promotion, allowing fans to engage with cast and crew during the show airings. A great example of intermedia.